2 & 3 May 2020
Lewisburg, Tennessee
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Information for Merchants

Due to this being the first event, and attendance at this point is unknown, we are offering 5 merchant spaces only. We will be carefully curating a selection of merchants in order to provide a market to cater to ALL paths of Paganism. Should ticket sales exceed our expections, more spaces will open up and be offered to merchants on our waiting list. We will not be charging you a fee to sell your wares, but do require that you purchase an attendance ticket for each person in your party in advance.



The event officially kicks off at noon on Saturday 2 May. Please have your space ready for event attendees by then. You can arrive on Friday afternoon (bring something for dinner!) or early Saturday morning to begin setup. You can set up camp behind your merchant space.

You are not limited to physical space - spread out as much as you would like.

You are not required to be in your merchant space at all times, we would like for you to enjoy the event. The market will be set up in the main gathering area so that we can keep an eye on everything for you.

Bring tarps or waterproof coverings in case of rain.

Note that there is NO ELECTRICITY, you may want to bring battery powered camp lanterns to light your space after dark.

Be aware that cell phone reception can be spotty unless you are on Verizon or AT&T.


We will be promoting all of our merchants on the website as well as individually through our social media platforms. Please ensure that the photos you submit with your application are quality enough for these purposes.

The event website will be launched on 26 January, 5 days before tickets go on sale. The merchant page will be added on 7 March.



Please send an email to info@walpurgisnachtevent.com with your details including merchant name, a description of your wares, and photos of your products and setup by 29 February 2020. We will be sending out acceptance emails on 7 March.






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